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Garden Pavilion

Garden Pavilion

Garden bowers have long been a feature of gardens. They come in all sizes and shapes, but they all have the same purpose: a place to relax. Let's face it, relaxation and comfort are two basic activities in the garden.

To provide the best possible views of the garden. It is important that the pavilion look out onto attractive features. Orient windows towards lush growth, garden ornaments and attractive buildings.

To look its best when viewed from the garden. A pavilion that is hidden away in the corner of the garden can be a delightful discovery. Alternatively, you can make it a central feature of the garden, by placing it in the middle of the lawn with a path leading from the house.

pavilion made1

Environmental protection and health

Ecological wood is made of natural wood powder and resin at high temperature. Through the national quality inspection, the formaldehyde emission of the product is extremely low, reaching the level of environmental protection E0, used to decorate the garden environment makes a good choice.

Good flame retardant performance

The formulation of ECO type products adds flame retardant to improve the flame retardant performance of ECO products. The combustion performance of ECO products has reached level B1 fire resistance level, without producing flame.

pavilion made
pavilion made

Insect-resistant eat by moth sex

In the production of the product, FSC macromolecular material is added into the wood fiber to optimize the structure of the wood fiber, so that the product will not attract the attention of insects, so as to achieve the effect of insect control.

Product Model

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4 tips for preparing the outdoor structure of the yard (reference)

Adding a new pavilion to your backyard, a pergola or pavilion can be an exciting and rewarding experience that increases the value of your home. However, careful planning is essential to ensure that you enjoy your new outdoor building in the coming years. Following these guidelines can help ensure a smooth installation of your new terrace, pavilion or pavilion.

Decide on the location of the outdoor building

If you are planning to build a terrace, pavilion or pavilion in your backyard, you may already have some ideas about where you want to go. However, you need to carefully evaluate this location to ensure it meets your needs and provides the best environment for the structure you are building.

The best location for outdoor buildings is flat and flat to provide proper support and drainage. You will want to avoid adding a new structure to the low-lying areas of your yard where the rain will gather.

You should also avoid building your building near immature trees, as these trees grow up and may interfere with your planned location.

Also, consider the path you may have to cross the yard to reach the building. You won't want to put your building on encouraging your family or guests to take shortcuts through your garden or near any potential dangers such as hives or protruding stumps.

Finally, you need to choose an area that matches your intended purpose for your new outdoor structure. If possible, choose a centrally located website to encourage social and entertainment. If the goal is privacy, choose a more remote place, close to the fence, bushes, or trees to provide a quiet harbour to relax and reflect. If you want to have morning tea or a quiet dinner in your new house, it is wise to build it close to the house, which is more convenient.

Measure the right size

After determining the potential location of the new structure, it is time to make some measurements. You need to measure the length and width of the area to narrow down your size options. You should also look at how the potential height of the building will affect other elements in your yard.

Be sure to consider any space you may need to walk around the structure to the yard or to other parts of the garden.

Depending on the available area, you should be able to narrow down the size of the structure you are considering.

For maximum entertainment value and space growth, choose the largest structure that you can easily accommodate your space. Over the years, we have learned that most people never regret buying a bigger structure, because once you have it, there are always more ways to use it.

Comply with building codes and owner association requirements for outdoor buildings

After determining the size and layout of your new building, you need to study the local building codes in your town or county, as well as the rules of your homeowner association (HOA).


Since terraces, gazebos and pavilions are usually not considered permanent outdoor buildings, you may be able to add one to your yard without obtaining a building permit. However, many local municipalities and townships limit the size of the buildings you can build on your property, so you need to check to make sure it is safe.

There may also be specific requirements regarding the distance between buildings and public roads, utility poles, or other buildings, including your home.

If you plan to attach this structure to your house, there may be other requirements that need to be met.

The owners' association stipulates:

If you live in a residential development or community, you may also need to get approval from your homeowner association before adding a new structure.

Most HOAs limit the height of the building to protect the baseline of the surrounding home. They may also have provisions for how close the building is to fences, fences or other buildings.

The best way to get approval for your new structure is to fully explain your project. The more detailed information you can provide about your structure and its intended use, the more likely it is to obtain the required approval. It's helpful to have a clearly dimensioned structural drawing and a picture of the location you want.

It is also helpful to use gardens or building piles to plan areas for your new building. This will allow you to view site lines and distances, sun exposure and other factors that may affect your new structure.

Site preparation for outdoor structures

Careful site preparation is necessary to ensure a stable and long-term enjoyment of your outdoor structure. The proper on-site preparation techniques depend on the size and type of structure you are installing.

You can choose to have the company that builds your structure prepare the site or hire a contractor to handle the task. However, depending on the structure, you can save a lot of money by processing at least a portion of your preparations yourself.

wayside pavilion:

The floored terrace can be placed on a gravel mat or concrete foundation.

Terraces without floors should be placed on concrete foundations.

Most gazebos can also be installed on existing concrete, but be confirmed with your gaze builder and ensure proper drainage to keep the structure dry.


Your concrete mat should be cast at an outer edge around 4 inches deep plus extra depth to ensure even weight distribution and stability.

Adding a concrete mat requires digging. Be sure to let the local utility company send a marker to the location of any water, sewer or wire. Utility tags can take a few days, but it's worth avoiding fines because of the damage to the utility line.

Crushed stone pads

Gravel pads can create horizontal 4x4 or 4x6 pressure treated wood. Place the wood approximately 12 inches wider than the size of your structure. The frame is then filled with 4 to 6 inches of gravel or gravel. The stone and litter used should be designed to allow rainwater to drain properly. Any foundation must have an appropriate drainage system. The mat you get will provide stability for your new structure while keeping the floor dry.

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