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why do gravel boards not rot

Gravel Boards - Ryall and Edwards

Gravel boards are intended to increase the life of your panel by stopping rot creeping up into it. All of our concrete boards confirm to BS 1722 and BS EN.

Garden Fencing

A fence panel fence is constructed using fence panels and either timber fence of fence panels, so over the years they rot and not your fence panels and can be

Fence Posts and Gravel boards

Gravel boards are designed to prevent the fence panel coming into contact with Our Concrete Posts are completely unaffected by moisture and rot and will . Why not make it look a Little more fancy with out rock face range of gravel boards.

How to buy and build timber fencing

for self-assembled fencing. Both are. 150mm high. Timber gravel boards still pipes or drainage, and do not . To help prevent wood rot, do not allow earth.

How to Protect a Fence From Soil Damage with Gravel Boards

Rot is an ever present threat to the health of your fence, and is caused by the wooden fence from the soil: you can install gravel boards along the bottom, set with complete accuracy to ensure that your fence is rigid from the start, leaving no

Gravel board or gap needed - MyBuilder

It is better to have the gravel boards as it also supports the new panels. the fencing, but have been informed that this is fine and a gap is not needed. panels or a 3-4" gap should be used to prevent the timber from rotting?