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i love my sloped back yard

11 Design Solutions for Sloping Backyards - Houzz

Hit the garden slopes running with these bright ideas for terraces, zones, Constructing a deck over a steep downward slope affords level space for up these wooden stairs allows people to pause and enjoy the plantings.

What To Plant on a Slope | Bioadvanced

Mowing and watering a sloped yard or garden is a challenge but some Wrestling the mower on a slope can feel like an Olympic event, and watering just to a slope by learning which plant varieties thrive on hillsides and steep inclines.

A Solution For Hilly Backyards - AQUA Magazine

When it comes to sloping, hilly backyards, pool builders are often limited in what overcome the slopes in their backyard by building expensive retaining walls and of heavier-grade steel panels like those used for inground vinyl-liner pools.

Planting on a Slope | Better Homes and Gardens

Test Garden Tip: Other crevice-loving plants include creeping phlox, rock cress, A waterfall is the ultimate way to take advantage of planting on a slope. A sloped backyard design creates an inviting patio, a great place to sit and survey the

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But, as a garden writer I've traveled the country visiting home gardens in almost every type of situation—from canyon-like back yards to front