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This beautiful dark grained hardwood has a high oil content that acts as a barrier to water AKA: , Zorrowood It is now being used extensively as an extremely attractive cabinet timber. Jatoba. Goncalo Alves. Hymenaea courbaril. Brazil. Found in Central and South America, this wood is very hard and strong.


is common name for lumber produced from several species of tropical trees: Lovoa trichilioides, a tree species found in Africa; Goncalo alves, several species found in Brazil. See also[edit]. Tiger Woods (born 1975), an American professional golfer

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is a tropical hardwood often used in outdoor decks and furniture because In a smart move, a local forestry research organization and local wood . Small is Beautiful. . from Germany may be preferable to brining from S America. stolen the ipê and cumaru and massaranduba and tigerwood and

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Lumber and Timbers Fencing and Gates The first step is to determine whether you want the beauty of wood, or the less maintenance composite decking. Its trademark striped patterns make this South American hardwood one of a kind. With exposure to sunlight, decking darkens to a slightly redder tone over time

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A rich wood with deep stripes and red/brown overtones, lives up that you can explore the pros and cons of this, frankly, gorgeous lumber. from a selection of tree species found in Africa and South America. AltruWood is proud to offer our customers beautiful, sustainable flooring.

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A heavy South American wood (note: I have seen a single reference to it as African) with a Janka hardness of 1520 (note: I . Claro Walnut is beautiful timber. .. Goncalo Alves Astronium graveolens, or , S American Zebrawood

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Goncalo Alves, also known as or South American Zebrawood originates on the East Coast of Brazil. available, but these large logs usually lack the beautiful dark streaking that makes this wood so desirable. Lumber

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Britton Timbers is Australia's Exotic Hardwood Specialist to inject a new sense of style and beauty into their projects need look no further than Britton Timbers

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, , Massaranduba, , Garapa, and Cambara are all excellent The beautiful red color actually deepens over time and sunlight the same class A fire ratings of many of the South American decking species. How to Prevent Cracks in Your Large Timbers Color Matching Lumber??

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is an exotic wood species that is best known for its beautiful grain. trichilioides, also African in origin, or Goncalo alves in South America (primarily Brazil). in Africa from some regions to limit over-cutting and excessive logging.

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decking, Astronium, Angico, Curupay-ata, Muiracatiara, Cuta Tigre, tigerdeck comes from several different South American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Our true recommendation always appropriately store and set away your hardwood timber! beautiful installed tigerwood deck.

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We are world wide exporters of various wood species. Distribution: Western North America (primarily California). Distribution: Most timber-producing bamboos are from South Asia. A Guatemalan variant exists which is sometimes called “Guatemalan ” or “Mora” (not to be confused with Mora excelsa,

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Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the leading supplier of high quality wood products from We offer a beautiful selection of hardwood flooring from FSC-certified . This South American native ranges in color from honey yellow to light golden brown. White has a light, closed grain similar to Beech, but with an

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While a simple, straight grain makes hard maple beautiful, its durability and resistance It's not often used as a butcher block, but is the hardest species on this Typically used in furniture construction, cherry is a classic American wood with a Wormy chestnut, a reclaimed lumber, radiates antique rustic charm.

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To add beauty and durability to your cedar deck, use a penetrating stain. Like cedar, redwood is a soft yet durable lumber that ages to a pleasing gray. Gonçalo alves or is a South American wood of great visual

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We're all familiar with the beauty and durability of tree species such as afrormosia, The species known as “tigerwood” or “zebrawood” (Astronium spp.) This striking and durable LKS from Central and South America is used for flooring,