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Ecospan - Nucor Building Systems

The Ecospan Composite Floor System is an innovative, simple Shearflex HD connectors and/or bolted attachments recycled steel decking, Ecospan offers the benefits of sustainable . Contact your sales representative for details.

Shear Studs and Composite Deck

Composite deck and composite beams are natural partners in steel construction. Some of the frequently asked questions about the combination of shear studs

Welding Shear Bolt Stud Connector Technical Installation

sales Although shear connectors ensure adequate fixing of the decking to the beam, they are not needed simply to achieve this. They should only be used when it is desired to achieve composite action between the slab and

3/4 Inch Shear Connectors| BlueArc

Bluearc offers high quality stud weld products including our 3/4 inch shear connectors. Shop now that are used as an essential component in composite beam. design in Consult your Sales Representative for assistance with Thru-Deck.

Composite Floor Deck | Brown-Campbell

Composite beam design utilizing composite floor deck and shear studs provides a tremendous cost saving opportunity through reduction in the size and cost of

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